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The whole spat had a wonderfully Pythonesque whiff to it, these fabulously self-regarding monkeys arguing about the appropriateness of a Tower of Babel which would undoubtedly be situated in someplace achingly secular and similarly self-regarding, like Hoxton or Islington, until God blew it down and smote anyone who had been inside, as you will find detailed in the Sibylline Oracles. The Tower of Botton would, the philosopher revealed, stand precisely feet tall, and its exterior would be inscribed with a binary code denoting the human DNA. Gold, you will note; a metal which humans have worshipped on account of its supposed scarcity and irreducibility, although it is rather less scarce than was formerly believed.

There are many, many much scarcer elements, including those which mankind has created by itself, in the manner of a flawed and somewhat reckless deity.

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I would suggest, if Alain is still intent upon building his fucking stupid tower, that he replace the gold band with one made of Einsteinium, a synthetic and extremely rare and short-lived element which was discovered in the cheerfully toxic debris left over from the first ever hydrogen bomb explosion, back in Something, then, that mankind, in its insuperable genius, made for itself, and of which it can be suitably proud. People visiting the tower would probably be advised to wear NCB gear and get scrubbed down afterwards, almost certainly by low-paid Eastern European babes — but then this would serve only to enhance the overall visitor experience; it would be a positive selling point.

And it might also add a subtle counterpoint to the very premise of the tower: not everything we have done has necessarily been wonderful and uplifting. Can you imagine anything more self-regarding than a tower built to worship oneself?

This is what happens when we are freed from the requirement to be humble, to bow down, to accept that we are deeply flawed and are inclined — when liberated from the suspicion that someone powerful and vengeful and probably bad-tempered is watching everything we do — to behave rather badly, and with a consuming arrogance. We build things to praise ourselves, and then, having finally abolished God, we become a God to ourselves. We become gripped by intimations of our own brilliance.

Even before we have built the great Tower of Arse, we get ourselves into practice for the role of deity. We limber up, we do the requisite callisthenics. And then replace these commands with vague and transient prescriptions which are so anodyne as to be, in effect, meaningless. I suppose he did this as a kindness to the rest of us, in the belief that, having despatched God to the waste-paper bin of history, he ought to offer up something to put in His place.


For which, thank you, professor. You know: a little rigour, a certain sinew, a sense of permanence.


He responded by saying that he thought that you, Rod, of all people, should appreciate that morality is ever-changing, that we do not cleave to the moral code which pertained a thousand or even one hundred years ago. But his response was a partial evasion. Nobody could cavil at any one of its bland imprecations. It is close to meaningless. Belligerent atheism has advanced, these last twenty years or so, partly as a consequence of sexually repressed and educationally subnormal jihadist maniacs blowing themselves up all over the place, which has made us question the attractiveness of religious certitude, and partly through the Wesleyan charisma and intelligence of its most voluble protagonist, Dawkins.

We are, in effect, now a secular country, the obeisances paid to even the mild-mannered, clean-shaven and comparatively licentious God of the Church of England diminishing seemingly each week, by statute and by common practice.

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Selfish Whining Monkeys: How We Ended Up Greedy, Narcissistic and Unhappy

Mill once urged us to do, we have wriggled free of Calvinism and its tiresome constraints; and so we have become dangerously free too of humility and the fear of existential censure. In place of God we cheerfully install ourselves — and immediately begin to draw up plans for building a giant Tower of Arse, a monument to our magnificence, with our own wondrous lives picked out in gold right at the top.

It is no coincidence that this rapid erosion of deference to an omnipotent, unseen other has occurred in tandem with the growth of institutionalised self-obsession, self-pity and public emoting. If there is no unseen other to bow down before, we bow down instead before ourselves; we are all that matters.

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Keep it to yourself, your heroin addiction or your anorexia or your alcoholism or your mid-life crisis, you mug; you will answer, one day not too far away, for better or for worse — in the meantime, struggle on with fortitude and reserve. Not any more. A few years back I turned up at hospital to witness the birth of my daughter Emmeline, and was presented by the nurse with a chart enquiring of me my nationality and race.

This was one of those PC bureaucratic procedures, the results of which would be of use to absolutely nobody except deathless bureaucrats, and which would undoubtedly cost a lot of money to process. New Releases. Description With a sharp eye for the magnificently absurd, Rod Liddle sets light to modern-day Britain. Savagely funny and relentlessly contrary, yet with a poignant sense of all that we have lost, Rod Liddle mercilessly exposes the absurdity, cant and humbuggery of the way we live now.

In addition to being the Associate Editor of The Spectator, Liddle writes regularly for The Sunday Times and Country Life as well as presenting current affairs documentaries on television.

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He was formerly a speechwriter for the Labour Party. Rating details.

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